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  Birmingham, Alabama Apartments

Engel Residential is one of the largest multi-family property management companies in the state of Alabama. Locally owned and operated, the company manages various properties in Montgomery, Huntsville and Birmingham, Alabama. Apartments range from studios to two and three bedroom residences, in small and large complexes. Many of the complexes offered are conveniently located near the University area, as well as in other communities including Chapel Park and Fox Valley. The apartments in Birmingham, AL managed by Engel Residential are communities in and of themselves, located in areas of tree-lined, natural beauty, including amenities like swimming pools and convenient parking.

The interior of each apartment is clean and new, with full kitchen capabilities. Many of the residences have balconies or outdoor areas for enjoying the abundant natural beauty in the surrounding areas, including rolling green fields, trees, and lakes. The city itself is one of America's best kept secrets, and Engel Residential wants to help you get in on the ground floor. Live in a fast-growing, culturally diverse but family-friendly place in the south.

Apartments in Birmingham, AL

When looking for a good location to raise a family, complexes from Engel Residential are the perfect place to start. These Birmingham, Alabama apartments are communities of their own, but in close proximity to the city itself, with easy access to the university as well as other attractions. Apartments in Birmingham, AL are not always affordable, but with Engel Residential, you'll know that you are getting your money's worth, with new buildings, house-like outer architecture, and close proximity to natural beauty, lakes and swimming pools. Contact Engel Residential today to set up an appointment and begin the search for your new home.

Engel Residential
951 Eighteenth Street South · Suite 100 · Birmingham, AL 35205 USA
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